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My name is Brittany. My boyfriends name is Brandon. We have been together since May 11, 2006. We are expecting a baby boy around May 14, 2007.  We are both 19years old. I have known Brandon ever since middle school but we didn't start hanging out until we had an English class together our freashman year of collage. He was freashly out of a horrible relationship and I so was I. One day Brandon was waiting for his ride home and I offered to drive him.  On the drive we both mentioned we were hungry and I ended up turning around to go to a chinese resturant that was right my the collage. It was quite an akward "first date". We made small talk and ate alot.  This became an everyday thing. After class we would just drive around and talk. Go hang out at the park or wherever. I knew he liked me, he made it pretty clear, but I was unsure how I felt about him. I liked him and all but I was holding on to the idea of my ex coming back. And on valentines day 2006 I was out with Brandon (as friends) and my ex called. I droped Brandon off with some friends and went running back to my ex. and when that ended agian(inevitablely)in April. I found myself thinking of all the good times I had with Brandon. Then one day he called!! And we started hanging out agian. He forgave me for ditching him. (i was soo stupid) and soon we made it offical. thats kinda the short story of us.
He is so perfect! He doesn't know it but I found a jurnal entry of his saved on his computer talking about how much he loves me and how beautiful I am and all that jazz...So I wrote him a sweet little letter, without letting him know I was snooping, and after he read it he called me and told me he wanted to talk about it. and when I went to his house, He proposed, pilled out this ring he said he had been carrying around for months but was so scared to ask. I can't wait to be his wife!!

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