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I just joined this community. I was clicking "long distance relationships" and somehow landed here!
Anyway I am Sabrina, my boyfriends name is Antti. I am German and he is Finnish.

We are together for three years and three months. Right now we are separated by distance again and that is the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life.

Antti is that kind of person you can only dream about. He is gentle, understanding, funny, caring and would basically do everything for me. I am head over heels for over three years now and could not be any happier.

In january 2008 when I finish my education as a legal secretary I plan to move to Finland, finally again. We spent one year together as I lived there and it is just working perfectly between us :)

Next week he comes again to see me here. Luckily we can see every month even because of the distance. This relationship is just perfect and I am so happy with him :)

We met online in June 2003 and three months later I visited a friend in Finland. Antti was in the army at that time so we thought we had no chance to see. But luck was on our side and he could change his theme. so we met! I drove 3 hours with the bus through half Finland to see him and every single moment we spent together was worth it. :) all thosememories are just proceless :)
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