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just a little bluesy

So, life's pretty great right now. Me and Bobby are doing really good, I love our house, it's really nice to be away from my grandparents finally. I'm bummed out though, because my grandparents don't seem to be very excited about the engagement. I told my grandma I was stopping at Borders today, and she asked me for what. I told her I wanted to get a few wedding planning books and she goes 'whatever, I'll talk to you later'. I'm not sure how to take that. It wasn't a sarcastic 'whatever', but rather an indifferent one. It kind of hurts my feelings. I don't expect my grandpa to be thrilled because I was always papa's little girl and the father is never really thrilled to give his little girl away. But my grandma doesn't seem the least bit excited. I don't understand. On the other hand, Bobby's mom took me shopping for flowers to plant in front of my house, I feel like she's happy that she'll have a daughter. Is it stupid that I'm really bummed out? I thought she'd be like other mom's and get all excited and want to help with planning and stuff. I know she's never planned a wedding before, but she doesn't seem happy for me in the least...I guess I should get over it or else it's really gonna get me down.
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