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All About the Happy Couple
Hello! I am new and just wanted to share a bit about the two of us:

Her Name: Krystal (21)
His Name: Jesse (22)
Years Together: 3 years 8 months
Anniversary: Sept. 20
Status: We live together, he hasn't popped the question yet, but we're getting there :)

How We Met:
Jesse cut me off in our high school parking lot. Never before I had actually gotten out of my car to yell at someone, but this time, I did. He kept smiling at me and finally I asked him why he had a grin on his face. He told me I looked cute mad and asked me to dinner. I was so shocked I said "yes". It's been love ever since then.

How He Told Me He Loved Me:
One day after Drama practice he brought me a dozen roses and took me to the bed of his truck (the he cut me off with, lol) and sang me a song to tell me he was in love with me. It was really sweet.

Hard Times:
I participated in the Walt Disney World College Program in 2005. I had to leave home in Washington State for Florida. We were apart for almost year across country. It was really hard, but it did indeed make us stronger.

What We Love To Do:
We love the outdoors. We're always at the Zoo or Wildlife Preserve together. We share a love of animals. We love to camp and go hiking. We enjoy spending time in our patio garden. Usually I'm planting something and he's BBQing for the evening. It keeps us close and active.

Some Pictures of Us:

So that's a little bit about us! Hope to get to know you all!! Take care!!
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