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Hi, my name is Claire... I'm 19, from the UK. I share this account with Jonny, my boyfriend... Another 19-year-old. He's a month younger than me.

We set this up because the conversations we have when we're laying together amuse us both greatly, and we hoped they'd amuse other people too.

We've been together about 8 and a half months... although this is only a rough estimate.

We met at our University Halls of Residence, on the first night. He'd somehow been swept up in the whirlwind that is now one of our close friends, but she at that time had just discovered that the group I was with were on the same course. He leaned over and introduced himself - looking very good, with his light sandy-brown hair, his ever-present suede jacket and sounding even better with his slight Canadian accent (his mum is from Canada).

He doesn't remember this meeting.

He remembers the next day, when I attempted to lead an ever-increasing group of us to a bus stop so we could get to campus and sign up for classes. For the next fortnight to him, I think I was "that girl who is scared of roads".  I, however, knew I liked him pretty early on. By the time we got to the first Halls event (the Old School Disco), I was pretty sure. Then I saw him in the white button-down and black trousers and it was rather decided.

I don't know how it went with him... I remember getting his number a few weeks later, as our friends had a number-swapping session in the campus bar... Sitting on the top deck of the bus with him on the way back and naming the balloon he'd stolen.  And then, that Saturday, inviting him and his friend over to watch movies, under the pretense of helping my friend who liked his friend. And making excuses to touch him. He said that was when he first got the idea that he liked me.

The next day we invited them out to play with some poi... And he injured himself more than he'd liked to admit, hitting himself in some... sensitive places.  That evening I think we both got an inkling that the other person liked us too. This was in September. The rest of that month and October, I spent somewhat unsure of myself - especially since he kept turning up to lectures with another girl from his Spanish seminars, who I was worried he liked.

Then at the start of November we both went away, and found ourselves by some fluke on the same train heading back to University. He said it was frustration that he hadn't worked up the courage to do anything on the train that led him to put his arm round me while we were watching TV that evening. Looking back, that's where we date it all from, and we can't even exactly remember the date for that!

He started putting his arm around me whenever we watched TV. A couple of times, he pressed a kiss to the top of my head, but I didn't react because I didn't know how to, and he thought I hadn't noticed. But every night, when we left my friend's room together, I wondered if he would kiss me that night.

Eventually, one night, he did kiss me. He had his guitar over his shoulder, his ridiculous Hawaiian shirt on under his jumper (srsly. Hawaiian shirt, in November) and he just leaned down and pressed his lips against mine for a brief moment, before saying "That was nice" and heading back to his block. I think I made a noise like a stunned mouse. However, it made it extra amusing when, the next night, some friends asked me if I thought he was gay.

And that was it, we were together. For a while we kept it quiet, because neither of us was terribly sure what we were doing, and we wanted to work it out without outside input. But I think we've got the hang of it now. And I think we're stuck together. If only because we'd be bored if we broke up, since no-one else would invest the same amount of time and energy into entertaining us.

This journal was made as a sort of writing challenge - we had the content, we just had to work out how to phrase it. And also, to sort of chronicle our time together, in a nice way.

So yeah, hi!
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