Sara Nicole ^-^ (saraisinlove) wrote in fairytale__love,
Sara Nicole ^-^


Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. 

My name is Sara, i'm 16.  My boyfriend is Jeff, 18, and he recently left for FSU. (about an 8 hour drive from my house)

We've been together 9 months next Wednesday.  We met working on a school musical together.  I was a dancer and he was working tech  Not exactly romantic, he stole my Monster.  ^-^  Our first date was that Saturday to see Happy Feet.  We didn't watch the movie.  I had a really bad past and figured he'd be like the rest.  So I acted pretty slutty.  That Sunday we had a long talk about it and I realized he was unique.  He helped me to become a much better person and I helped him find the confidence he needed.

We had our ups and downs like every relationship out there. 

On August 17, my Jeffie left for college.  I miss him a lot but I really do trust him.  We're trying an open relationship, only because I was his first and only girlfriend and he's a little uneasy because he has nothing to compare us to.  I don't know how I feel, but I know I have his heart and I know we'll be together.

Later everyone.  ^-^
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