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The Analog Kid, a.k.a. Tricia

Love prevails against all odds

So there I was in March of 2003, sitting in a Sonic the Hedgehog chatroom. I was bored, there was no discussion, so I start rambling about the stuff that's on my computer desk, including Rush's 2112 CD.

From that moment, my life was changed forever. Yes, it got me into the band Rush, but more importantly, it made me become better friends with the Rush fan in the chatroom. We roleplayed online with a large group of friends, but because of time limits and timezones, he and I ended up not being able to join in too often, so we roleplayed our own little stories off to the side.

Skip ahead to October 2004, when I decided I liked this guy, though all odds were against us. First off, it's the internet. Lord knows what happens when internet things start, right? Second, there's a large difference in distance (I'm in Illinois, he's a native Londoner), third, there's a large age gap (at the time, I must have been... 15, I guess. Add four years and you have him). Fourth, I was 15 with a crush and a massive fear of commitment when it comes to guys. Heck, before him, I never had a boyfriend at all. And he never had a girlfriend either. Despite all this, I told him I liked him and naturally, things were really shaky at first. Both of us were trying to preserve a friendship with love thrown out on the table.

February 2005 came around though, and about that time, we decided to say "screw basic traditions, screw what society says. We like each other, we're going to be together. It's probably not gonna last, but dammit, we're gonna have fun while we can."

And now, it is August 2007. We have met each other 4 times in person (he's been here three times, I went there once), he'll be coming back in a week and a half, and at that point, we'll be filing immigration papers which will likely be passed by April or May of next year, which means we'll be getting married about May or June of next year. Life is gonna be hard for the both of us, as I'll be a full-time student with a full-time job and he'll be adjusting to American culture and enduring waiting periods while legal crap goes through, but both of us are willing to work for it for the sake of our love.

So besides telling the abridged history between me and my boyfriend, this story does have a morals to it. First off, long-distance love requires a bit more work to take care of, but can be just as strong as a love who lives across the way from your house. But the general rule about internet people still applies. Meet in a public domain and make sure somebody is with you (in my case, my dad and I picked him up at an airport). Follow that and you'll be golden.

Now that that's out of the way, I love my boyfriend with all my heart and soul. We share the same interests from favorite 80s rock to video games, from values to colors. Each and every day, I'm thankful he's in my life, and I hope everyone gets a chance to feel what we feel.

As for our first kiss, it was December 30th 2005, the first day he and I saw each other in person. I gave him a belated Christmas present, and he rushed forward to kiss me on the cheek. It was at that point my heart leaped into my throat and told me "Wow, this is the man I love....but I'm too shy to kiss him back!!" So I waited till he fell asleep, which was really soon 'cause of jetlag. :D I then kissed him on the cheek in return.
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