verte_grez (verte_grez) wrote in fairytale__love,

Sorry for the rant. Advice?

Hopefully this place gives advice. Coz another place didn't, and I'm really confused, and want advice.

See, ever since my friend said, "Oh, you'll really get along with him!" and left us to talk through gchat, I've liked this guy. I've met him 5 times, and I'm going to meet him again on Monday with a group of friends, but I really have no idea how I feel about him.

It's just really confusing. So far, I haven't had any physical attraction to him(I've never had a physial attraction to anybody), and I'm afraid of whether that happens or not--because up until I met him I've been perfectly happy with being the labelled "asexual" of my group. Now I don't know what I want to be. He's really nice--we have the same interests, we listen to each other, we have similar personalities, and even while I still think I really might be asexual, I think he's cute.

And, that's even BESIDES peer pressure. Recently, my best-friend-since-childhood got her OWN first boyfriend. And now that everyone's noticed that I've been talking to this guy a lot, they've immediately reached the conclusion that we LIKE each other. (Even though everyone previously thought that he was asexual, too) Every single day his name is mentioned to me, and when I ask them for proof and they can't come up with anything, MY OWN MIND betrays me and comes up with a gazillion reasons why I'd like him. I go to sleep thinking about him--my fears of dentists have gone since I have--and wake up thinking of him.

And it doesn't help that he bought me a necklace when he was in New Zealand, and asked my friend to give it to me, and say that it was from her as well. That meant that he didn't want me to know it was from him. Which meant that he felt slightly awkward about it. Which means... I don't know.

AND it doesn't help that I've worn it every day since I've got it. And another friend of mine who talks to him says that he mentions me all the time. And he's the one who brings me up in conversation. And despite the no-physical-attraction-so-far thing, I feel kind of disorientated and short of breath when people say things like that. And I haven't told anyone that he bought the necklace for me, because I know the teasing would get worse, but I really want to tell them, and it almost HURTS not to shout it out to EVERYBODY. (I mean, a boy gave me a necklace! I know it's immature. I'M immature.)

I'm confused because I don't know what I really feel about him. Whether I'm deluding myself, because I subconsciously think that I have to like him as more than a friend, or if I really like him but I just haven't given it much of a chance yet? Help?
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