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Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life [entries|friends|calendar]
Happily Ever After...

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Fairytale__love is a community dedicated to all things love.

Share your romantic stories, get advice, Vent your frustrations or post pictures.

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"How did your first kiss happen with your S/O?"

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a story of true love, found and lost... [Saturday,
June 13th, 2009]

[ mood | guilty ]

mine is a tale of love. a love wich whom i lost. not to death or seperation, but to not knowing where where that person is. but let me start at the beggining.

i was thirteen. i had nothing in my life. i didnt know anybody in my family, my father died when i was eleven. i had formed no bonds in my life to speak of. i became distraught with my life, and decided to jump out of a tree. but instead of jumping out of a tree, i ended up going to a hospital called the portsmouth pavilion. it is a psych ward for teens. that is were i found myself consumed by love for the first time in my life.

i was very depressed.. i spent the better part of a month sleeping alot, blacking out. then she came. one day she came into the hospital, and when i saw her i thought she was absolutley beautiful. long blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a smile that made my stomach go into butterflys.i found out her name was becky. i didnt feel like i had anything left to lose, so i approached her and said " i know your gonna say know but im gonna ask you this anyways.....wil you go out with me?".....i thought for sure that she was going to say no, but she said yes!! for the first time in my entire life i had a reason to go on living.. for the next couple of weeks my life had meaning. i remember getting my first nickname. we were picking wich movie to watch and i was the only one who wanted to watch jumanji. after that, everybody called me jumanji. i felt accepted.  we would eat breakfast together every morning, we shared so many moments over the next month. then another kid came into the ward and immediatley he had his eyes set on becky. i got insecure, and started to cry in a corner. becky came up to me in her usuall sweet and caring manner, and asked me why i was crying. i told her that i thought she was going to leave me for that guy. she looked at me with the most sincere eyes and told me that she didnt want to be with him, that she loved me, and wanted to be with me. right then and there i was hers heart and soul. after that i got better and the next month i was ready to leave the hospital. on the day i left the hospital, i said my goodbyes to everybody, and then right before i left i wrote becky a note, and she had written one for me. she gave me her name and adress as well as a poem. right as i left, she gave me a hug (for the first time (we werent allowed to touch in the hospital) as she went into the elevator to go to her group, i could see her tears.

i went to school the next day, and i was soooooooo happy that i had a girlfriend, and i wanted to prove it to my best friends that it was true, so i brought beckys not to school to show it too them. it was the most childish and stoopid thing ive ever done. i left it in my desk as i went to recess, and i came back and is was gone. i felt like my body was being ripped apart. i tried soo hard to remember what was on it, but all i could remember was becky 525 and manchester. ever since then...ive been looking for her. ive tried too move on but no one has ever been devoted or as caring as her. .i only hope my story inspires others to hold on to love no matter what, and never take it for granted.

thanks for reading!!


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Sorry for the rant. Advice? [Friday,
October 31st, 2008]

Hopefully this place gives advice. Coz another place didn't, and I'm really confused, and want advice.

See, ever since my friend said, "Oh, you'll really get along with him!" and left us to talk through gchat, I've liked this guy. I've met him 5 times, and I'm going to meet him again on Monday with a group of friends, but I really have no idea how I feel about him.

It's just really confusing. So far, I haven't had any physical attraction to him(I've never had a physial attraction to anybody), and I'm afraid of whether that happens or not--because up until I met him I've been perfectly happy with being the labelled "asexual" of my group. Now I don't know what I want to be. He's really nice--we have the same interests, we listen to each other, we have similar personalities, and even while I still think I really might be asexual, I think he's cute.

And, that's even BESIDES peer pressure. Recently, my best-friend-since-childhood got her OWN first boyfriend. And now that everyone's noticed that I've been talking to this guy a lot, they've immediately reached the conclusion that we LIKE each other. (Even though everyone previously thought that he was asexual, too) Every single day his name is mentioned to me, and when I ask them for proof and they can't come up with anything, MY OWN MIND betrays me and comes up with a gazillion reasons why I'd like him. I go to sleep thinking about him--my fears of dentists have gone since I have--and wake up thinking of him.

And it doesn't help that he bought me a necklace when he was in New Zealand, and asked my friend to give it to me, and say that it was from her as well. That meant that he didn't want me to know it was from him. Which meant that he felt slightly awkward about it. Which means... I don't know.

AND it doesn't help that I've worn it every day since I've got it. And another friend of mine who talks to him says that he mentions me all the time. And he's the one who brings me up in conversation. And despite the no-physical-attraction-so-far thing, I feel kind of disorientated and short of breath when people say things like that. And I haven't told anyone that he bought the necklace for me, because I know the teasing would get worse, but I really want to tell them, and it almost HURTS not to shout it out to EVERYBODY. (I mean, a boy gave me a necklace! I know it's immature. I'M immature.)

I'm confused because I don't know what I really feel about him. Whether I'm deluding myself, because I subconsciously think that I have to like him as more than a friend, or if I really like him but I just haven't given it much of a chance yet? Help?
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September 6th, 2008]


Join our_happyending !
A place where couples can get advice, participate in weekly pic & text themes, get voted as the MOTM, and enter in monthly photo contests! The community has been open for a year and is updated at least once a day:) I am the main mod and love to keep the community active! Please Join:) You won't be disappointed!
If you do join, make sure that you add the community to your friends page first so that I can accept your request to join!:)
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online relationship...but never met? [Tuesday,
June 17th, 2008]

Can you help? I am conducting a study for my doctoral dissertation looking at characteristics of individuals who are involved in online romantic relationships with people they have never met face-to-face.

If you are involved in one of these online relationships, or have been involved in one, would you be so kind as to take my survey?


This is a completely anonymous survey, and no data can be traced to any particular individual.

I appreciate any help you can give me in acquiring participants for this research! Please contact me with any questions you may have. I’d be happy to answer them.

Landi Turner
[Ever after]

March 28th, 2008]

PLEASE JOIN our_happyendingIF YOU'RE IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Ever after]

Love prevails against all odds [Sunday,
August 19th, 2007]

So there I was in March of 2003, sitting in a Sonic the Hedgehog chatroom. I was bored, there was no discussion, so I start rambling about the stuff that's on my computer desk, including Rush's 2112 CD.

From that moment, my life was changed forever. Yes, it got me into the band Rush, but more importantly, it made me become better friends with the Rush fan in the chatroom. We roleplayed online with a large group of friends, but because of time limits and timezones, he and I ended up not being able to join in too often, so we roleplayed our own little stories off to the side.

Skip ahead to October 2004, when I decided I liked this guy, though all odds were against us. First off, it's the internet. Lord knows what happens when internet things start, right? Second, there's a large difference in distance (I'm in Illinois, he's a native Londoner), third, there's a large age gap (at the time, I must have been... 15, I guess. Add four years and you have him). Fourth, I was 15 with a crush and a massive fear of commitment when it comes to guys. Heck, before him, I never had a boyfriend at all. And he never had a girlfriend either. Despite all this, I told him I liked him and naturally, things were really shaky at first. Both of us were trying to preserve a friendship with love thrown out on the table.

February 2005 came around though, and about that time, we decided to say "screw basic traditions, screw what society says. We like each other, we're going to be together. It's probably not gonna last, but dammit, we're gonna have fun while we can."

And now, it is August 2007. We have met each other 4 times in person (he's been here three times, I went there once), he'll be coming back in a week and a half, and at that point, we'll be filing immigration papers which will likely be passed by April or May of next year, which means we'll be getting married about May or June of next year. Life is gonna be hard for the both of us, as I'll be a full-time student with a full-time job and he'll be adjusting to American culture and enduring waiting periods while legal crap goes through, but both of us are willing to work for it for the sake of our love.

So besides telling the abridged history between me and my boyfriend, this story does have a morals to it. First off, long-distance love requires a bit more work to take care of, but can be just as strong as a love who lives across the way from your house. But the general rule about internet people still applies. Meet in a public domain and make sure somebody is with you (in my case, my dad and I picked him up at an airport). Follow that and you'll be golden.

Now that that's out of the way, I love my boyfriend with all my heart and soul. We share the same interests from favorite 80s rock to video games, from values to colors. Each and every day, I'm thankful he's in my life, and I hope everyone gets a chance to feel what we feel.

As for our first kiss, it was December 30th 2005, the first day he and I saw each other in person. I gave him a belated Christmas present, and he rushed forward to kiss me on the cheek. It was at that point my heart leaped into my throat and told me "Wow, this is the man I love....but I'm too shy to kiss him back!!" So I waited till he fell asleep, which was really soon 'cause of jetlag. :D I then kissed him on the cheek in return.
[Ever after]

New. [Sunday,
August 19th, 2007]

Just wanted to introduce myself to the community. 

My name is Sara, i'm 16.  My boyfriend is Jeff, 18, and he recently left for FSU. (about an 8 hour drive from my house)

We've been together 9 months next Wednesday.  We met working on a school musical together.  I was a dancer and he was working tech  Not exactly romantic, he stole my Monster.  ^-^  Our first date was that Saturday to see Happy Feet.  We didn't watch the movie.  I had a really bad past and figured he'd be like the rest.  So I acted pretty slutty.  That Sunday we had a long talk about it and I realized he was unique.  He helped me to become a much better person and I helped him find the confidence he needed.

We had our ups and downs like every relationship out there. 

On August 17, my Jeffie left for college.  I miss him a lot but I really do trust him.  We're trying an open relationship, only because I was his first and only girlfriend and he's a little uneasy because he has nothing to compare us to.  I don't know how I feel, but I know I have his heart and I know we'll be together.

Later everyone.  ^-^
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do they exist? [Thursday,
July 19th, 2007]

[ mood | crushed ]

Can fairy tails exist through all?

I just found out about an affair my husband had

sexual they never went anywhere - but it hurts
we'll be married 20 yrs this august
the affair ended 4 years ago, but I just found out
it so sucks

can it be saved?

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Newbies [Thursday,
July 12th, 2007]

[ mood | calm ]

Hi, my name is Claire... I'm 19, from the UK. I share this account with Jonny, my boyfriend... Another 19-year-old. He's a month younger than me.

We set this up because the conversations we have when we're laying together amuse us both greatly, and we hoped they'd amuse other people too.

We've been together about 8 and a half months... although this is only a rough estimate.

We met at our University Halls of Residence, on the first night. He'd somehow been swept up in the whirlwind that is now one of our close friends, but she at that time had just discovered that the group I was with were on the same course. He leaned over and introduced himself - looking very good, with his light sandy-brown hair, his ever-present suede jacket and sounding even better with his slight Canadian accent (his mum is from Canada).

He doesn't remember this meeting.

He remembers the next day, when I attempted to lead an ever-increasing group of us to a bus stop so we could get to campus and sign up for classes. For the next fortnight to him, I think I was "that girl who is scared of roads".  I, however, knew I liked him pretty early on. By the time we got to the first Halls event (the Old School Disco), I was pretty sure. Then I saw him in the white button-down and black trousers and it was rather decided.

I don't know how it went with him... I remember getting his number a few weeks later, as our friends had a number-swapping session in the campus bar... Sitting on the top deck of the bus with him on the way back and naming the balloon he'd stolen.  And then, that Saturday, inviting him and his friend over to watch movies, under the pretense of helping my friend who liked his friend. And making excuses to touch him. He said that was when he first got the idea that he liked me.

The next day we invited them out to play with some poi... And he injured himself more than he'd liked to admit, hitting himself in some... sensitive places.  That evening I think we both got an inkling that the other person liked us too. This was in September. The rest of that month and October, I spent somewhat unsure of myself - especially since he kept turning up to lectures with another girl from his Spanish seminars, who I was worried he liked.

Then at the start of November we both went away, and found ourselves by some fluke on the same train heading back to University. He said it was frustration that he hadn't worked up the courage to do anything on the train that led him to put his arm round me while we were watching TV that evening. Looking back, that's where we date it all from, and we can't even exactly remember the date for that!

He started putting his arm around me whenever we watched TV. A couple of times, he pressed a kiss to the top of my head, but I didn't react because I didn't know how to, and he thought I hadn't noticed. But every night, when we left my friend's room together, I wondered if he would kiss me that night.

Eventually, one night, he did kiss me. He had his guitar over his shoulder, his ridiculous Hawaiian shirt on under his jumper (srsly. Hawaiian shirt, in November) and he just leaned down and pressed his lips against mine for a brief moment, before saying "That was nice" and heading back to his block. I think I made a noise like a stunned mouse. However, it made it extra amusing when, the next night, some friends asked me if I thought he was gay.

And that was it, we were together. For a while we kept it quiet, because neither of us was terribly sure what we were doing, and we wanted to work it out without outside input. But I think we've got the hang of it now. And I think we're stuck together. If only because we'd be bored if we broke up, since no-one else would invest the same amount of time and energy into entertaining us.

This journal was made as a sort of writing challenge - we had the content, we just had to work out how to phrase it. And also, to sort of chronicle our time together, in a nice way.

So yeah, hi!

[Ever after]

Hi! I'm new:) [Wednesday,
June 13th, 2007]

[ mood | amused ]

Hi! My name is Kristin & I'm turning 19yrs. old this August!
My boyfriend's name is Steven and he's 13 months older than I. We've been together since August 14th, 2005 and it is the longest relationship we've ever been in :) He is my first true love(I fell in love with him December 2004), my first prom date (April 22nd, 2005), my first real kiss(August 15th, 2005), and my first time(August 2nd, 2006). I truly believe that he is my soulmate. We met in high school marching band when I was a sophmore and he was a junior. He played tenor sax & I played the clarinet. I liked him for about 3 months in 10th grade and told him...he turned me down and said he didn't want a girlfriend until college:( So I made a promise to myself NOT to like him again. That promise was broken on August 25th, 2004 when I started liking him again after a band party. I talked to him for hours & hours on AIM. I didn't tell him that I liked him but everyone knew that I did! After my junior prom(April 2005), we became best friends and were pretty much inseparable. On my 17th birthday(Aug. 10th 2005), Steven took me out on our first date and treated me to dinner & the movies. Just 4 days later at 12:08 am, he asked me to be his girlfriend:) I was soooo happy! I never thought he'd ask me out a few weeks before he went away to college!
Luckily he goes to Philadelphia University so its about 45 minutes away. Being apart from him during the week days was hard but he came home during the weekends! He's not commuting anymore though...now he's living at home! He lives about 3 blocks away from me:-D
He's majoring in architecture and he's incredibly intelligent. I love everything about him and I feel so lucky that he's mine!:)
This pic is from Dec. 2005 but its one of my faves!(i do have tons of pics of us lol):
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

If anyone would like to add me as a friend, please comment and I'll probably add you! I'd like some new friends:-D

[Happily] 2 [Ever after]

May 18th, 2007]


*Weekly themes and contests!
*An awesome points system
*Active Members!!
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how do you know? [Wednesday,
May 16th, 2007]

kay, i've been dating my boyfriend Mike for about 8 months now and I know I love him, that I don't doubt. Its just over the past couple months we've gotten very serious. We've been talking about getting married once at least one of us has a full time job (we're both University students at the moment). Im just wondering, how do you know? How do you know that you want to spend the rest of your life with someone? I love him and can't imagine spending my life without him, but I just wonder if its part of the  honeymoon period or not.

So, I guess my question is....how did you know? and when will I know for sure?
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Newbie [Friday,
May 11th, 2007]

Read more...Collapse )
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just a little bluesy [Friday,
May 11th, 2007]

So, life's pretty great right now. Me and Bobby are doing really good, I love our house, it's really nice to be away from my grandparents finally. I'm bummed out though, because my grandparents don't seem to be very excited about the engagement. I told my grandma I was stopping at Borders today, and she asked me for what. I told her I wanted to get a few wedding planning books and she goes 'whatever, I'll talk to you later'. I'm not sure how to take that. It wasn't a sarcastic 'whatever', but rather an indifferent one. It kind of hurts my feelings. I don't expect my grandpa to be thrilled because I was always papa's little girl and the father is never really thrilled to give his little girl away. But my grandma doesn't seem the least bit excited. I don't understand. On the other hand, Bobby's mom took me shopping for flowers to plant in front of my house, I feel like she's happy that she'll have a daughter. Is it stupid that I'm really bummed out? I thought she'd be like other mom's and get all excited and want to help with planning and stuff. I know she's never planned a wedding before, but she doesn't seem happy for me in the least...I guess I should get over it or else it's really gonna get me down.
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May 8th, 2007]

[ mood | stressed ]


I have just joined this community as I need somebody to answer a very simple question but for various reasons can't ask anyone I actually know.

Thanks for any words of wisdom.
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my engagement ring! [Monday,
May 7th, 2007]

Here's the ring:

hereCollapse )
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:) [Saturday,
May 5th, 2007]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

He proposed today right before I went in to my college graduation. Today couldn't have been a better day:)

[Happily] 3 [Ever after]

we're such silly dorks [Tuesday,
May 1st, 2007]

[ mood | silly ]

Not much of an update, but just thought I'd share one of our extremely immature moments :P

charleston: ooh, I thought of what to get you for your birthday!
vivian: oooh, is it electronics?
c: uh... maybe...
v: are you getting me an ipod?!?! :D 
c: err.... make 10 more guesses @>@
v: umm... are you getting me a puppy?? ^^
c: nope :)
v: flowers?? ^^
c: nope :)
v: cheesecake?? ^^
c: nope :)
*this goes on for 7 more random items*
c: hoho... you've already made 10 guesses!
v: awww.... i'm so stupid... i can never guess these things.... >.<
c: heheh... i'm getting you an ipod!! :)

I don't understand how we can be so childish with each other sometimes............ :D (And somehow I always guess what presents he wants to get me but rarely the other way around... hehehe)  but it really made my day -- not just the ipod (hooray for that!), but the fact that we have such moments.... :)

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ring shopping [Wednesday,
March 7th, 2007]

This post is aimed at those who are engaged/married. I just wanted to know how the ring shopping went. Did he go by himself? Did he go with you? Did he want you to go by yourself and look or take a girlfriend because he doesn't want to have to deal with pushy salesmen making him feel like a jerk because he doesn't want to buy the ring with you around? Just curious.
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Help!! [Thursday,
February 22nd, 2007]

Okay, my 6 month anniversary with my boyfriend Mike is next month and I have NO idea what to get him!! GAH! Help! Any suggestions? I was thinking something smallish but cute-- I've got a great idea for his birthday in June.
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February 19th, 2007]


Hey, Im New!

My name is Katie and my boyfriends name is Jonny.
We've currently been going out for 5 years off and on.
Im 17 and hes 16, young i know but still... its love!
We started dating in grade 7 and now we're in grade 11. <3
& We're both from Canada

Thats the basics. I'll get into deatail with our meeting at a later date :)
And hopefully i"ll have pictures later !!

But for now here's where you can help.
I wanted to make Jonny a CD of love songs to show him how much i love him.
So here's where i need you:

What's your favourite love songs???

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Promo!!! [Monday,
February 12th, 2007]

[Happily] 1 [Ever after]

January 20th, 2007]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I just joined this community. I was clicking "long distance relationships" and somehow landed here!
Anyway I am Sabrina, my boyfriends name is Antti. I am German and he is Finnish.

We are together for three years and three months. Right now we are separated by distance again and that is the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life.

Antti is that kind of person you can only dream about. He is gentle, understanding, funny, caring and would basically do everything for me. I am head over heels for over three years now and could not be any happier.

In january 2008 when I finish my education as a legal secretary I plan to move to Finland, finally again. We spent one year together as I lived there and it is just working perfectly between us :)

Next week he comes again to see me here. Luckily we can see every month even because of the distance. This relationship is just perfect and I am so happy with him :)

We met online in June 2003 and three months later I visited a friend in Finland. Antti was in the army at that time so we thought we had no chance to see. But luck was on our side and he could change his theme. so we met! I drove 3 hours with the bus through half Finland to see him and every single moment we spent together was worth it. :) all thosememories are just proceless :)

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Hi! [Wednesday,
January 17th, 2007]


My name is Brittany. My boyfriends name is Brandon. We have been together since May 11, 2006. We are expecting a baby boy around May 14, 2007.  We are both 19years old. I have known Brandon ever since middle school but we didn't start hanging out until we had an English class together our freashman year of collage. He was freashly out of a horrible relationship and I so was I. One day Brandon was waiting for his ride home and I offered to drive him.  On the drive we both mentioned we were hungry and I ended up turning around to go to a chinese resturant that was right my the collage. It was quite an akward "first date". We made small talk and ate alot.  This became an everyday thing. After class we would just drive around and talk. Go hang out at the park or wherever. I knew he liked me, he made it pretty clear, but I was unsure how I felt about him. I liked him and all but I was holding on to the idea of my ex coming back. And on valentines day 2006 I was out with Brandon (as friends) and my ex called. I droped Brandon off with some friends and went running back to my ex. and when that ended agian(inevitablely)in April. I found myself thinking of all the good times I had with Brandon. Then one day he called!! And we started hanging out agian. He forgave me for ditching him. (i was soo stupid) and soon we made it offical. thats kinda the short story of us.
He is so perfect! He doesn't know it but I found a jurnal entry of his saved on his computer talking about how much he loves me and how beautiful I am and all that jazz...So I wrote him a sweet little letter, without letting him know I was snooping, and after he read it he called me and told me he wanted to talk about it. and when I went to his house, He proposed, pilled out this ring he said he had been carrying around for months but was so scared to ask. I can't wait to be his wife!!

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Promo!!! [Wednesday,
January 17th, 2007]

PromoCollapse )
[Ever after]

Help [Wednesday,
January 10th, 2007]

[ mood | distressed ]

Hi All,
I need some advice. My boyfriend's father has been battling cancer for quite some time (before we started going out) and his father recently went into 24 hour pallative care. My boyfriend's family just recently found out that his father has less than three months to live. Although I know that my boyfriend is sad and disturbed by this fact, losing a parent is not easy at 19, but I've not seen him cry or even close to tears. I know that he's bottling things up--which isn't healthy. He's made an appointment to see a counsellor but I'd like to help him any way that I can.
I don't know what to do, I'm very bad in these sorts of situations. Any suggestions on how I can help my boyfriend deal with this before he losses his father for good.

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I'm New [Monday,
January 8th, 2007]

[ mood | in love ]

Hello, im Dani. i found this very cute community whilest wondering the vast space that is Livejournal.

Well as i said im Dani. my Boyfriends name is Chris. we've been together 11 months tomorrow. how we met is kinda like a corny movie. i used to work at a subway (by the way we're from australia...) and he works at a fatory not too far from it, and he used to come in every wednesday night...and one night he orderd a tuna sub, i dont like how it smells or anything so i looked at him like "ok..order something else" and when he didnt change his order i screwed up my face and told him i wasnt a fishy person. about a month or so later he started coming in on fridays (after asking a few people if i still worked there) becuase my shift changed. one friday night he came in and was really happy to see me. after buying his dunch (corss between lunch and dinner)he ran out to his car and gave me an envelope with "Dannii" on it; which i told him wasnt how you spelt my name and he smiled and walked out...in he envelope was all his infomation on my star sign (i'd told him months before) and about his. and his email address. i emiled him that night, i told him a bit about myself and my life. i told him my age(im now almost 18) and i found out his (hes now 28). and about 3 weeks later we had our first date and we clicked he held me from the first moment untill he left me, three months later we told our parental units (mum n dad)...and things have been wonderful ever since.

i see that this weeks theam is the frist kiss with your S/O.
our first kiss was our first date. we where standing out the frunt of a main shoping center, crossing the road to a park to go and talk and just get toknow each other i looked up at him, he looked down at me and i smiled...then he kissed me...kinda like a movie, but it was infact the most romantic kiss i've ever had to date.

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Help? [Wednesday,
January 3rd, 2007]

Okay , so in the past I have made Aaron creative at home things.
Such as:

  • a powerpoint with pictures and then besides the pictures are poems that reminds me of us.. and in the background was a song that played throughout all of the slides, he really liked this.

  • A scrapbook, that was a going away present for when he went to college, it started from the "beginning" and i can't remember what it went to, but it was creative and he loved it.

  • A calendar, I made a calendar of just me for him one year, and he really loved it.

  • A photo album, I made this for the both of us for our 1 y ear anniversary..

We were talking the other day and i realized that he expects me to make him something for V-Day. any ideas?

[Ever after]

December 19th, 2006]

Hey Everyone,
I'm Tracie and I'm new to the community. I'm a complete hopeless romantic, love romance movies and romance novels (especially Nicholas Sparks)
I met my boyfriend Lockhart (his last name) about four months ago and we've been dating for almost three month. I didn't honestly think it was possible but I'm completely and utterly in love with him after only three months and I can honestly see us being together for a really long time *fingers crossed*. That's all I've got for now but its' really nice to meet you all-- please come to my journal and take a look whenever you feel the desire or have the chance.

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December 6th, 2006]

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December 5th, 2006]

Cure(s) for jealousy?

...anyone? XD

I haven't been jealous in a few months (I haven't had a reason to be, though, no other girls have been involved), but... well, I've realized I am a very jealous person when it comes to my boyfriend, Lyle, and I's relationship. Otherwise, I'm not a jealous person at all. But when it comes to our relationship, ohhhh yes.

He has a lot of female friends (95% of his friends are female), and that pretty much drives me crazy. Especially considering his closest female friend, Elizabeth, dated him for a little while a few years ago. She is such a slut. I don't like how close they are now, and knowing that they had a relationship a few years back -- even though it didn't work out -- makes me uneasy. There's the whole history between them, and ugh.

Whenever I get jealous, Lyle reassures me, and he does a pretty good job of it. I know that he loves me, and I love him too.

But there has to be some sort of way to stop getting jealous, right?

I'm insecure, and I get jealous because I view other girls as "competition" or something, and I feel like Lyle is going to realize that there are much better people out there, and then he'll leave me. So if I boosted my self-confidence, my jealousy would definitely lessen. I don't know how to boost my self-confidence, though.

LOL, sorry for an emo post! I'm usually not angry and upset like this, but thinking and talking about jealousy just reminds me of how horrible it makes me feel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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hello! [Monday,
October 23rd, 2006]

Hi there all! I don't update much. I am a boring girl and I all I do is work and go to college. :P Nick moved here to Kalmazoo early September and I couldn't be happier. I don't think he likes Kazoo as much as me somedays though. WE are both just going to college and having fun. Everything is going very well. I have noticed that all of our friends are getting engaged...it's weird. (The ones from back home) I guess people take the leap in groups? I don't know. Anyways, all is awesome! Oh yeah, Nick and I went to a politcal rally and it was so awesome. Glad we both love politcs. :) Peace and love all!
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This community's name feels like my life right now... [Saturday,
October 14th, 2006]

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Well, hello. I'm new, of course (Ah, the dreaded newbie line). My name is Chrysty.
First of all, I love the idea of not making an intro survey. I think it's safe to say that most people who are in that 'fairytale love' area of life have no objections to going on and on about it all and how wonderful and perfect it is. A 'story' seems much more enjoyable. ♥ (And there's also the fact that I'm an author, so the idea thrilled me!)
Anyhow... Storytime!

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September 10th, 2006]

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August 28th, 2006]

Sorry I haven't been updating lately. My step-daughter has been visiting for the past couple of weeks. She'll be leaving on Thursday, and hopefully by then I'll have lots of photos to add to the community.

So, I will update on Thursday or Friday of this week.

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Past Dictating Present/Future [Thursday,
August 24th, 2006]

How did you know that he was "the one"? Especially you women out there that have been hurt in the past-- how were you able to shut up the doubt and fear of a repeat disaster and heartbreak?

Little background. I am 23 years old. Almost a year ago I ended a 5 year relationship with a man that I built my future/everything around. I lost myself in that relationship-- it was very unhealthy, I was dependent, ect.

I have completely moved on from that. I am finishing my undergrad and rediscovering who I am on a daily basis. I have also met an amazing man. We have been together for about 4 months now. He is everything that I have wanted and want in a partner. But, I continue to sabotage things. I can't fully put my guard down, or if I do I get cold and clam up when I realize that I have allowed myself to become vulnerable. I have to maintain complete control over my emotions and situations. I am pushing him away and I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. I am just scared to death of getting hurt again, of loosing myself again, of investing my heart for no return.

Any advice/experiences are welcomed. Thanks!
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I'm new to this. [Sunday,
August 20th, 2006]

Hey everyone! Well, I'm actually new to this community and I just thought I quickly introduce myself. My name is Shirley and I'm ninteen and I'll be turning 20 in September. Anyhow.. my current boyfriend is Jon and he's 20. So here is our story..

In high school of my senior year, around spring time, every girl was talking about who they wanted to take to prom. I actually didn't really care too much about Prom but I did want to go with someone that I cared about and not just to get a date. Anyhow, so my friend introduced me to Jon and he was super nice and funny. I never thought to ask him to prom just because we were still just getting to know each other as friends. But anyhow, we started hanging out a lot with each other every weekend and things started to come together, we started falling for each other. Of course we ended up going to Prom together. Anyhow, we both live in different cities about 30 minutes away from each other. We grew up in different enviroments, so we were pretty different but we had a lot of things in common. We just clicked and came together so well. Of course we fight a lot. But that summer came, and he left for a month of vacation and I didn't get to see or speak to him. And once he came back, I had to leave for college that was 2 hours away and we ended up going to two different colleges. We still decided to try make things work between each other anyhow because we really cared a lot about each other. And first year in college away from home was horrible for me. I didn't exactly get along with anyone in college and I didn't like the enviroment and I was soooo homesick because none of my friends went to the same college as me. And I would cry a lot just because I just trying to adapt to the changes. So Jon would drive 2 hours almost every other weekend to come see me or drive me back home. And I finally found someone to carpool with so I got to go home every weekend. Anyhow during my hardest times, he still stuck it out with me even though I was such an emotional roller coaster the whole year. When I came back for Spring Break, Jon had a decision that toally shocked me. He wanted to join the USMC. I was in total shock and after a few months, I understood why he wanted to go. And I decided I would stick it out with him and support him and be strong for him. So this summer, he left for bootcamp and he won't be back until next month. All we have been doing is writing letters. And it's been hard because he's going to be gone for 13 weeks. I haven't seen him or heard his voice for 9 weeks. And I haven't ever spent one whole summer with him. And I know it's hard and I'm not prepared for what may come. But whatever it is, I will stick by him and support his every decision and I would never abandon him. We've been together for 1year and 5months. But whenever I think of him, something in my heart tells me he's the one for me. I can't wait for him to come home as a Marine :) I'm so proud of him.
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August 18th, 2006]

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Well I just moved into an apt with my fiance. :-) It is going well.

We decided to see the sites in our "new" (I put quotes around new because I've lived here before, he hasn't) city. After a minor spat on which one to go to (The Insect Zoo at the local univeristy or the full-fledged animal zoo), we decided to go to the animal zoo. Ooo it was fun. I haven't been to the zoo in YEARS.

And so far, overall, apt life has done wonders for our relationship.

It sucks we have to wait to get married (I want to get past the hardest year of my major and I want him to get a good start on his degree since he just transfered from the local community college back in his home town). But I honestly feel like I'm married already.

We have had really romantic times lately, ie. going out to dinner just him and I, going to the zoo together, eating together alone in the apt everynight...hehe. I love it. Hopefully before too long we'll be able to go to the movies.

Being away from our families where they don't have as much of an influence on what we do made our relationship better. I'm out of my dad's house and don't really have to comply by his "rules" (some of them made my fiance angry...and understandably so...but I'd rather not say what they are). I mean, yeah we do fight a little now, but it's not over something that say, my dad said that he didn't like. Which is nice. Yay moving out of parent's houses!

Anyone else living with their fiance/spouce and loving it?

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August 16th, 2006]
Hi everyone. I MUST FIRST SAY, THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY...please continue to read if you are interested ...because this will be an interesting rollercoaster of events. I will be detailed, honest, fairly unbiased (although I will have my raging of anger and outbursts), and mostly ..I will be needing YOUR HELP. Read it , laugh, weep, critisize, whatever ...but remember that I am human, you are human, we all need advice and this is my way of getting it......I will not get much help ..I might get tons..I might get critisized but I just want help. If by all means, I can touch you or we can share experiences and advice, then that is even better. Subscribe to me. I doubt I'll ever reveal my identity because this journal will be detailed to the fullest. Maybe one day, maybe considering I expect to be with him foreverANDever. But remember, I am loved and hurt. Its an ongoing cycle. Our relationship isnt deep in waters, but we argue about everything you can think of.....please continue reading.

This journal will be the rollercoaster of me and my boyfriend's ongoing relationship. It is hard to spit out all the details of our relationship right now, but it will come along and all the ends will meet in due time. In short, we have been going out for almost two years now and we love each other to death. He is my best guy friend, and were different from most other couples in the way that we do basically everything together. We cry together, play arcade games together, read together, study together, talk about our deepest fears.. desires ... secrets with each other, we even have sex with each other (not susposed to be funny..although coincidentally it is!), we are truly in love and I believe he is the one for me. I have been involved in three other serious relationships..I have learned a lot from those. (will write more on that in due time) , he has had dates but I am his first real girlfriend and that is why I think he is lacking the skills and pumps necessary to drive our relationship into a successful one. Not only do we do everything together, we argue A LOT. I mean ....we argue every other time we see each other. We get lucky if for a week..we don't argue. But that dosnt happen often since I find stuff to pick at.

Sometimes ..(and maybe im right), I think why we argue so much is because I argue so much...and that I need to fix something in myself...maybe I am dealing with self-identity issues andI am bringing them into the relationship by finding things to argue about....we will find out (hopefully) in due time if this is correct..but for now I am furious. We argue like crazy, and its not even about REAL things . For example, we dont cheat on each other and argue about that (by the way we would never cheat on each other) , its not like we abused each other or anything crazy like that. We argue about STUFF. Daily stuff you would think someone wouldnt get mad over, but you do anyways.

And so right now, why I am sometimes unhappy about our relationship is because he dosnt act like a MAN, i dont know if its because that is how he is , or its because he dosnt have relationship experience? Perhaps both? .....but I shall explain that another time as well. There is way too much to explain. Basically, I always take initiative, I always make the plans, I always want the hug or the kiss, I always am the SMART one, he's the smart ass. ....On the other hand, he is most sweetest adorablest guy Ill ever MEET , EVER. And although he dosnt show he cares much, I know he does...but it hurts.
Im loved and hurt. (Am I even using the correct grammar?)



I havnt had a real outing with him for over a week because I had been out of town, so when we met up, it was like love in the air.....we hugged kissed, watched tv.....he had 'plans ' for me which turned out tobe a $15 lunch from pat N oscars that he had brought home for us to eat...(which by the way was delicious) I kind of got frustrated that he wasnt home on time..I had to wait approx. 5 min outside in the hot sun while he was susposedly 'dropping off mail' (which in fact, he was getting the food), I wish he had timed it right ...I mean he knew what time I was getting there...he had all the time in the world.......but he waited last minute to shower and everything.....but anyway we enjoyed our food tremendously and then we made love. It was exciting, although I wished he used his hands to grasp me more and hold me tigher instead of letting me get the orgasm myself...(I felt like I was doing myself) But he knows...I just hate having to tell him again and again. ...maybe next time. All in all, it was a great love making session...

AH BUT WAIT, the TV WAS ON. I always mention to him to NOT HAVE THE TV on. It is distracting to hear news or laughter in the background when all I want to hear is his pants, moans and our skin rubbing against each other oh so lovingly...*sighs* maybe next time?

We took a nap after that, and when I woke up I felt extremely flustered and hot. It was heating up in the room (perhaps the window drapes were preventing the wind from coming in the room)....and my neck hurt because the pillow had been on the floor the entire time...my head hurt because I am on my monthly cycle (No , I am not PMSING)......I immediately looked at the time and saw that it was close to 6:45pm...I had to be home at 10 and we still had hours to go and things to do...I told him I had to get gas and go to the bank....why did he sleep with me? Why couldnt he just lay there next to me...he didnt tell me he was going to be sleeping too. Time wasted.....I saw the pillow on the ground and complained that why was the pillow on the ground.....my neck had been hurting. I looked over at the fan and saw it rotating ...why wasnt it in place I asked? I saw the food we ate still left on the ground (he has no furniture)....WHY ???It would rott..why waste money??!

He responded ..and said that he didnt know he was going to sleep either....he said he cant predict when I need the pillow and he said why cant I ask for the fan to blow a certain way. He immediately (and rudely) grabbed the food and put it in the fridge. I felt as though he should have been MAN enough and realized how hot it was in the room and had the fan blowing in our direction to begin with.....(not all across the room), we should have made sure I had a pillow to sleep on....and he should have common sense and put the food in the fridge.

Anyway, we headed over to the bank (I was still frustrated..perhaps because of my headache and neck ache) and then to the mall. I did not know why we headed to the mall but he explained he wanted to take initiative because if he had asked ..I would not have answered or cared. Good choice I thought. And so during our walk to enter the mall, I tried to make things up and apologized for the way I had been acting (although I still cearly thought it was mostly his fault for those things that happened at his room)....But i was truly sory for the way I put my feelings out like that...I touched him and continued to walk normally...he didnt want to hear it and simply said 'things are going to be fixed magically' ...and so I got mad. WHY? because everytime i try to fix something..my fault or not...he dosnt let me and then when i get SUPER furious....he finally wants to. WHY? I am so mad , that I dont want to fix things..not at that moment anyway. ..and so I walked a little slower...and a little faster and back and forth..he noticed...we entered the mall where I walked through Robinsons May. He had been behind me, but when I turned around..he was GONE


I was EVEN MORE FRUSTRATED. How could he just leave me??? I knew he must be getting a drink because we were both thirsty but I was not 100% sure. And plus, how could he just leave me???????? 10 minutes later (I was in the store looking around , frustrated) he calls me and asks me where am I at. I asked him what he heck he was doing...he said he had gotten a drink..and i said 'you couldnt tell me that?..you had to leave me..walk away from me...??..what is wrong with you...' BY THE WAY, this was the 2nd time he did this walking away from me at the mall thing when we were mad at each other..and I told him to not do it again.........

and so i hung up saying that if he left me, he was to find me. I continued romaing the mall when he continued calling me asking where I was...I did not tell him....I mean he did leave me why is he going to ask me where I am when he LEFT ME??? .....to make the long story short...half an hour later he found me and I insisted that I wanted to go home at that moment. He asked me if I would like to drink some of the drink he bought..I looked over at it and realized it had been halfway druken. HE KNEW IT WAS THIRSTY..my head had hurted ..I had been craving juice....but he had drank most of it ....left me and now is giving me that crap. NO WAY.......He drove back to his place where I stormed up to his room grabbed my stuff and headed to my car..he kept following me and asked me to stay in the room and watch tv with him ..to 'fix things' and i refused..said I had to get gas and go home.and he let me drive off. I drove around the corner and got so furious I broke down.......

I love him so much.........and I know he loves me but I can't control how I feel about what he does sometimes...he makes me mad and frustrated SO MUCH. after 5 min I call him and he says he is at the gas station looking for me...but I am not there. I told him that I wasnt there...and he asked where I was...I said that its none of his business and hung up. 10 minutes later I head to the gas station , didnt see him got gas then headed back to his place hoping he was there......I had given in to temptation and wanted to talk to him....hoping he would see me so sad and strucken with fear and hurt....his car was not there. I had called and he told me he was at my house.........

WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? He assumed too fast, TOO WRONG. I got furious again and told him not to wait for me, driving to my house wasnt going to fix things and who said that waitin at my house meant that I would get out to talk to him? He said he had been driving 90 and swerving in between cars to catch up with me......I HATE IT WHEN HE PUTS HIS LIFE IN DANGER. its not the first time he did this...if something were to happen to him ID FEEL SO BAD SO HORRIBLE...and not even that....just the thought of the higher risk of losing him hurts so much that he could just put his life out like that.......using his car (sporty car by the way) to race across the freeway......that put me in a more horrible mood.

When I got nearly home, I spotted his car and drove past it and parked. He proceeded to walk up to the car and asked if I could unlock the door. I did so....we argued and talked and argued. i poked fun at his car, and he poked fun at mine but at the end.....he left. He left me again, walked away. Its what he does best. So I told him his car was a piece of crap ( didnt mean that) but I knew it would get him in the right place.......its funny how he does all these things to me and it dosnt seem to mean so much but when I mention his car ..he tells me 'I cant believe yousaid that about my car...no one says that.....I HAVE TO LEAVE' ......HE WALKED AWAY FROM ME ......and I broke down for a while......hoping to see his face at my windowshield begging for a conversation..I would have apologized and cried and wept..and been happy....we probably would have made up but I didnt see anything but darkness..the trees and the water that surrounded my burning eyes. My heart hurted so much. I mean if argue about all these little things...what will it be like when we argue about the big stuf? when we live together? ..But i love him so much.......but we argue all the time..but I KNOW were meant tobe together FOREVER AND EVER. I KNOW HE WANTS TO BE WITH ME.......were inseperable but under the happiness is a heart that is halfway broken...lovedandhurt(ed)..........

what is wrong with me? why cant i be so understanding? why cant he be a man? .....I know ill never find anyone like him. I dont want to lose him. I know he dosnt want to lose me. I just need help.......I just need help. What do I do, what should I do? He is probably asleep right now....he has work tommorow morning...........Im tired of taking initiative..im tired of calling him names and making him feel like shit, although thats how i feel like sometimes...shit..he treats me like shit. For the most part, he dosnt ..why does it have tobe so complicated?

confusing isnt it? there is so much more to us...

stay tuned.
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Introduction [Monday,
August 7th, 2006]

Hello everyone! I just ran across this community and thought I'd join, so here's my introductory post (the short version of how we became a "we").Read moreCollapse )
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love is the answer [Friday,
August 4th, 2006]

Thought you guys might want to see!

Backround information:
Aaron and I have been going to school together for 10 years (since 2nd grade). The funny thing is we never really said a word to eachother till the last day of school. We talked and talked and talked and then I realized that I had to leave, so he walked me out to my car and we talked and talked and talked for another 3 hours. We exchanged numbers and went our seperate ways. He brought me a rose at my work two days later. We've been dating for a just about 2 months now. It's funny that I could have just bypassed this relationship so easily. I'm glad I stopped to talk to this guy who turned out to be amazing. So last night was his birthday. I threw him this supirse candlight dinner in my backyard. Enjoy!

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August 3rd, 2006]

So I have only posted once in this community. I am usually pretty busy, but now that I moved I have lots of free time. I just moved to Kalamazoo. My boyfriend moves here in Septemeber. Nick was a real help moving and I miss him alot. He's three hours away in our hometown. I am jstt greatful he'll be here next weekend.We are going to Michigan Adventure too! Hmm...I can't think of anything else really. We are average boring college kids.
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July 30th, 2006]

Hey all, I'm new here!

My name is Nicole, I'm 18 years old.
On September 18, Damian, 22, and I will have been together 2 years.

Damian and I actually met over the internet, he was living in another state. He made plans to move to Melbourne, Australia and we decided we'd go on a date. We went to a friends jamming session and then went to see Spy Kids 3D at the movies.
We officially started going out on 17th Jan, 2004.
We moved in together in Sept 2004 with someone else.
We got our first pet together in Nov, 2004.
We got our own place together in Jan 2005.
Unfortunately, we split in May, 2005, for stupid reasons. I hurt him dearly and when I realised that I was still madly in love with him, I done everything I could to get him to take me back.
On January 18th, 2006, we finally got back together and we are better than ever. I'm way more tolerant of his little things and we are even happier than we were before.
We're still living together and it's great. I couldn't imagine life any other way!
We've now got two cats and 15 fishies and we share many pieces of furniture! :P

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July 29th, 2006]

where to start...

so I had this really AWESOME date tonight.. and I am REALLY happyCollapse )
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the question of the week [Thursday,
July 20th, 2006]

hmm..soo our first kiss was rather interesting. it was about a month into our relationship (june 19, 2004, hehe i remember, it was fathers day) but anyways. we were at his sisters house for a dinner/get together thing and we had already ate and all that stuff and we were just sitting in their living room and talking when he just started staring deep into my eyes. i could tell he wanted to kiss me but he was an extremely shy guy. i am not the type to make the first move, but i was concidering it this one time, but i held back. after about 5-10 minutes of serious staring he leaned in and kissed me. it was amazing! i love that boy..so very much<3
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July 8th, 2006]

I just thought I would update everyone a little bit. Things with me and Thurmon are going WONDERFUL. Our 2 Year anniversary was may 24 and it was amazing. He took me out but it was a school night so bah. But it was still amazing. And since school has let out, its only gotten better

hoorah for having a wonderful boyfriend to share a wonderful relationship with<3

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July 1st, 2006]

jordan lee meade & melody paige boggs
♥ August 1, 2005
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hello [Thursday,
June 29th, 2006]

I didn't see any kind of application so I'll just make up my own questions.
Laura and Nicholas
he's 19 and I am 18 (19 on July 17th)
where we are from:
we are both from Davsion, Mi
how we met:
We met in highschool, but we weren't highschool sweethearts. We actually met in a class called Current Events, we are both very passionate about politics and news. We were friends for awhile, then we just started dating.
where we go to school:
I only had to add this cause we just found out today he got accepted in to WMU (Western Mich.) after a long and difficult transfer. It's alittle late in the game I know, but all worked out well. I am going to KVCC in the fall. We have both attended other colleges, believe me long distance realtionships are hard.
how long we've been together:
alittle over a year
first kiss:
We had been dating alittle while, and we were both kind of shy about it all, but one summers night he just kissed me. It was very sweet and kind of shy.
about him:
He's very smart, sweet, fun, and silly. He's double majoring in theater and secondary education.
about me:
I am silly, a little crazy (he says nutty), and caring. I am majoring in secondary education.
our anniversary:
June 12th, 2005
Nick and I have had our ups and downs as a couple, but life is good for us right now.

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I'M NEW :] [Wednesday,
June 28th, 2006]
My name: Melody Paige Boggs
His name: Jordan Lee Meade
My age: 15
His age: 17
Relationship status: Dating
We met: At the local Rite-Aid.
I am from: Pound, VA
He is from: Pound, VA
We have been dating: It will be 11 months in three days.
He asked me to date him: August 1, 2005
Our first kiss: It was on our first date.
Our hardest thing to overcome was: Probably the age difference. And of course my jealousy over stupid things have gotten the best of me before.
About him: He's a sweetheart. He always knows how to treat me and is always a gentlemen. After he graduates from highschool, he's majoring in electricity and is taking over the family banking business.
About me: I'm a little immature, but very loving. I tend to get jealous kind of easy, but i'm working on it. I really am. I don't know what i'm doing with my life right now. I'm just trying to finish highschool and figure out where I stand in the world.

I'm new here and i've just gotten my new lj up and running. I'm dying to make some new friends, so feel free to comment and add me. =)

And for the question of the week: How did your first kiss happen with your S/0?

Jordan and I have dated before in the past for a few months. Things didn't go so well the first time, but it was when we shared our first kiss together. We were watching a movie and he told me to look outside because it was snowing. And as I looked up out of the window, he pulled me close and kissed me. At first it was just a peck. And then as we looked each other in the eyes, it got a little bit more passionate. The sweetest thing about it was that he was my first kiss ever&hearts
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Am I Just Complaining? [Monday,
June 26th, 2006]

[ mood | crushed ]

So my boyfriend has said for hte past 3 nights (In a row might i add) that he promises that he will talk to me until 1AM. And this is a thing we do in the summers because we like to talk to each other. Well, we havent and i love to hear his voice on the phone .it makes me sleepy and it makes me want him beside me sleeping. He has never fell asleep on the phone but he is just dragging his words and giving me "Uh huh..yeah..uh huh.. yeah" type of awnsers. so im just like "I will let you go..." and i say i love u he says it back and hten we hang up.

Does it seem like im jsut complaining? Becuase i really dont mean to be because i jsut love him so muc hand i just wanna have a good conversation with himo n the phone before i go to sleep at night. he doesnt have to do it all the time just sometimes.

Eck. Ok Ex-posted.

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