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we're such silly dorks

Not much of an update, but just thought I'd share one of our extremely immature moments :P

charleston: ooh, I thought of what to get you for your birthday!
vivian: oooh, is it electronics?
c: uh... maybe...
v: are you getting me an ipod?!?! :D 
c: err.... make 10 more guesses @>@
v: umm... are you getting me a puppy?? ^^
c: nope :)
v: flowers?? ^^
c: nope :)
v: cheesecake?? ^^
c: nope :)
*this goes on for 7 more random items*
c: hoho... you've already made 10 guesses!
v: awww.... i'm so stupid... i can never guess these things.... >.<
c: heheh... i'm getting you an ipod!! :)

I don't understand how we can be so childish with each other sometimes............ :D (And somehow I always guess what presents he wants to get me but rarely the other way around... hehehe)  but it really made my day -- not just the ipod (hooray for that!), but the fact that we have such moments.... :)
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