Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life

...Love gives us a fairytale

Happily Ever After...
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Talk about that special someone in your life, share romantic stories, post cute pictures of the two of you,
or vent about something that's bothering you, to people who can relate.
Get advice, or share all own great tips! Be active and make new friends.

The current Question of the week is:

"How did your first kiss happen with your S/O?"

The first kiss in a relationship is the most memorable one, whether it's good or bad, so tell us about yours!
Where were you? what lead up to it? How were you feeling at the time? Did you expect it? Was it good? How long had you been together at the time?

The current theme is: No current theme

Got a suggestion for QOTW? Or a weekly them idea?
I want to get the members involved with the way this community is run, so ANYTHING you'd like to contribute would be awesome!

If there's anything you're curious about, or would like to see disscussed, then leave your suggestion HERE

To have your anniversary on the members Anniversary List, simply leave a comment with the date here and share your special day with the rest of the community!

This is a community for people in serious relationships. Age is not a factor, but you
must be in a relationship that has existed for more than 3 months.

When you join, please make an introductory post about you, your S/O and your relationship. This
is just so eveyone in the community can get to know each other and their relationship history a
little better. If possible, include some photos - we love seeing happy couples!
There is no introductuctory survey, just because I want you to tell your story the way you want to.
Some things you might want to include are: ages, where you're from, how long you've been together,
how you met, how you started going out, and anything else you feel is cute or special about your relationship.

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The rules for promoting are as follows: When promoting please use small images, or put large images behind a cut. And please, use common sense! If you see that, that community has been promoted already, then don't post another one shortly after! It just clogs up the community with promotions, and it will be deleted and marked as spam!

There will be
NO DRAMA! Not everyone will agree on certain things, but everyone is entitled to there opinion. There is to be NO name calling, or putting down of other members in anyway!If you can't find a polite and civil way to express your opinions, then you will end up banned.


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